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A Data Provider's Dream:    The Internet Mining Center

DomainGo has extensive experience mining information from the Internet. We have built an Internet Mining Center to fit your data collection, quality assurance and information enhancement needs.

Why would you need an Internet Mining Center?

Cost Savings - Internet Mining Center provides significant cost savings for companies' data acquisiton and maintenance efforts. It is an established fact that data from the Internet can be gathered quicker and more efficiently than through telemarketing or any other means for data collection and verification. A robot can visit 300K - 500K websites a day. How many telemarketers would it take to call that many businesses and at what cost?

Higher Quality Data Source - Since the medium of a website is easily changeable and it is also the main communication vehicle for many smaller companies, the information content is more up to date. Public sources of data on the other hand, whether it is a phone book or a directory listing have a tendency to be at least a year old. Old information has a much greater frequency in being inaccurate, especially in the cases for smaller to medium size companies which are the target universe for most companies.

New Source of Data - As companies put their faces on the Internet they have also entered an entirely new realm. In doing so this created an initial Internet boom where companies selling Internet related products and services did not need a targeted strategy for bringing in new business. Now that companies have a presence on the Internet, marketing professionals need more intelligence on whom to target and with what product or service offering.

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